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2002-05-02 - 3:24 p.m.

Today is Frank's 18th birthday. It seems that we are both growing up so fast. I admit that this is both sad and exciting. I have no money to get Frank anything. This morning he came over early and I made him pancakes though. I wish I could do more.

Keith got expelled from school today. I feel so bad for him. That is the most I have ever seen him cry. He had all this stuff on his file at school, like the name and password for everyone at the school. I know its been there forever, today he just made a tiny slip up and got caught. He wasn't doing anything bad with this stuff though. Anyway he has a hearing next week. I guess they're saying that he'll probably get expelled for 186 days and maybe fail this whole semester. He really is a good kid and doesn't deserve this. I don't see how how he can get expelled for this and if a jock beats the shit out of someone he gets like a five day suspension. It is really not fair. I hope everything works out ok for him. No matter how much we fight I really do love him and care what happens to him.

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