how can i convince you its me i don't like

destruction is upon me

2003-08-11 - 3:27 p.m.

I am really tired of all the shit that is happening all around me.I don't hate anyone despite what some may think.I hate that everyone is fighting.I wish that life had a rewind button and you could go back and know what was coming and try your best to make it right.I wish I hadn't made mistakes.I wish I wasn't scared to say what I think.I'm trying to stay out of it and save myself some tears.

I'm tired of trying to read between the lines.

I'm tired of feeling lonely.

I'm tired of feeling numb.

I'm tired of struggling.

I'm tired of lying.

I'm tired of talking shit.

I'm tired of people avoiding me.

I'm tired of being useless.

I'm tird of being used.

Most of all I'm tired of myself.

As much as I love Wichita I wish Frank and I could move out of this town and start over.

I hate how everything is crumbling around me.

I am thinking of moving to Abilene.A small town where I could disappear.I doubt I'd be missed or even remembered.

Maybe after Christmas?

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