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2013-05-03 - 2:49 p.m.

Well here comes the recklessness.

//Just try to play through the pain.//

I am going to drink myself into oblivion tomorrow night.I just don't want to think about anything anymore. Is it possible I just might fuck things up more? Possibly. I don't give a fuck anymore. What else can go wrong? I'm pushing myself farther and farther into the depths.
No regrets.


I've decided I am going to just try and slowly detach myself from Greg.It is killing me.I feel like I will be lost without him. I can do this. I am strong.I'll just be a little less without him.I'm just heart broken. I'm not a good friend for him anyway.

I'm going to lose myself in alcohol and my music. Just fuck it all.

Maybe I'm just not a good person.

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