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I Make the Same Mistakes

2013-03-28 - 6:06 p.m.

It feels like I never learn...

I am being a slut.
It's whatever.
Got a booty call earlier this week. He snuck over after the kids were asleep. I am his baby girl. Hahahaha. He makes me feel dirty and slutty and terrible and wonderful and sexy.
The next day I got asked on a date. I guess i was just oozing confidence...maybe even cockiness.
The day after that I got hit up by someone I really liked for awhile so...I am going to fuck him too.

I mean fuck it.
Chances are I am going to be single if not forever then for a long while and let's be honest here...I like sex. I am good at sex. So life is short and yeah...

Meanwhile my emotions are a jumbled up, confusing mess. So I am pushing them down and drinking a little more on the weekends. I don't want to stop and think.
I tattooed my thigh so I'd stop cutting. If the urge continues I'll tattoo my other thigh and then wherever else may tempt me.

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