how can i convince you its me i don't like

dirty bitch

2013-01-13 - 8:57 a.m.


Snuck out before he woke up...
Yeah it is like that.
I just don't know anymore.
He was talking like he wanted more.
I think he will ask to see me next weekend. I don't know.
The sex is the BEST ever. I came like 5 times at least. It was ridiculous. But we just get stoned and fuck there is not alot for us to talk about. He is a terrible listener. But on the plus side he didn't mind my cutting. He noticed my arm and staight up asked me about it. He acted like it was nothing.So maybe I will keep cutting and keep fucking him.It makes me feel a little cheap but oh well... what's a girl to do?
Sometimes I think having a conversation would be better, I could really use someone to talk to.

I feel my heart getting heavier.

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