how can i convince you its me i don't like

tough luck

2011-02-06 - 4:54 p.m.

I want something different.

I spend more time being angry and upset and scared because of him than any other positive emotions. I think marrying him was a mistake. The thought of being without him is scary. The thought of not having my kids all the time is sad. I have to grow a pair and make some tough decisions and follow through with them. No more chances, no more tears and no more Larry. We make each other miserable. He thinks I'm exaggerating when I tell him things he's done to me. I lay in bed some nights and relive those moments, my heart beating in my chest and I know that we are not right for each other. Love is not enough. I honestly believe he could do worse to me. I can't put into words things that have happened...
I can't get over it


I wish I hadn't lost all my friends along the way

regrets - hopes

the past

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