how can i convince you its me i don't like

desperate desires

2006-06-09 - 4:39 p.m.

Tonight promises laughter, tears, dancing and a great many hugs I imagine. He is leaving but I won't think about that.I will think about being surrounded by friends and drinking and talking and living. I will become one. I will be heather instead of frank and heather. I won't be overshadowed or unheard. I won't feel forgotten. I will be me,whoever that is.


I remember once being caught in the rain with ----.My shoes were ruined by the mud.My was hair plastered to my face and all my make up had washed off. He took my hand and we ran to get out of the rain.We sat across from each other soaked and a spark of something flew between us, or so I imagined. He looked at me and made me feel beautiful. He made me feel so good. I want to feel that way again. We made mistakes and now we aren't even friends anymore but I like to think that we had a rare moment between two people, a moment which I won't forget.


regrets - hopes

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