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akward moments

2006-05-25 - 6:36 p.m.

Today I wasn't so lucky with work. I was working and I thought I was alone and I was crying.Tears were streaming down my face,red eyes, runny nose, the whole package when out of nowhere ups walks my boss.God dammit. I got one of those akward I'm really worried about you talks. I am so embarrassed to be falling apart like this. I feel like screaming!!
I have to work tomorrow but I am off for the weekend.I can make it through one more day.Just take a deep breath.I have to remember to breathe.
I wasn't going to mention him but he is all I can think about.I am losing my best friend in the world. Who will I talk to now? I keep praying for this not to be happening.

I can hear the neighbors yelling at each other through the walls. How pleasant.

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