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death wish

2006-05-17 - 10:39 p.m.

Well I really tried to kill myself....
I took a handful of tylenol pm. I spent all day in the hospital. I was a few pills away from serious liver damage. I wish I would have died. ::SIGH:: Is that selfish of me?
They tried to send me to some psychiatric clinic up in newton but I pleaded with them not to go. So I am now under the watchful eyes of my mom. I hate worrying her.
I lost my promotion at work and after I worked so hard to get it.I lost it because I couldn't get a hold of my emotions. FUCK. That really pushed me over the edge.

At the hospital I was so scared.They hooked me up to like a million machines.I had an IV and they took tons of blood. I think I am going to be ok though.Well physically at least. Tomorrow i have to see diane(my psych)I was doing so well before to...

I really need a shoulder to cry on....

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