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i met the devil and he was chrome

2004-09-03 - 3:58 p.m.

I actually had extra money this check and I bought:

wilco - being there

wilco - a ghost is born

beck - mellow gold

garden state soundtrack

plus a video game for frank.

Tonight we are getting an O and getting as stoned as a kite.No matter what anyone thinks I am NOT A DRUG ADDICT and if you think I am you can FUCK OFF!

It is my weekend off and everything,well most things are great.

Today at work I talked to shannon.It was really cool and the more I talk to her the more I like her.She's cooler than most people I work with.

Tonight frank and I are just going to drive and listen to music.It should be fun.No drama.No stress.

If you are my friend be honest with me and I'll try to be the same with you.

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