how can i convince you its me i don't like

so there it is

2002-08-13 - 9:33 p.m.

x. name * Heather

x. birthday * 6/15/84

x. piercings * zero

x. tattoos * zero

x. height * 5'4"

x. shoe size * 7

x. hair color * faded,faded black

x. length * to my shoulders

x. siblings * 2

x. pets * 2 dogs


x. movie you rented *the majestic

x. movie you bought * girl,interuppted

x. song you listened to * son of sam-elliot smith

x. song you've had stuck in your head * pink- get this party started

x. song you've downloaded * mad world-gary jules

x. cd you bought * phantom planet

x. cd you listened to * violent femmes

x. person you've called * frank

x. person that's called you * frank

x. tv show you've watched * The Anna Nicole Show

x. person you were thinking of * Frank

x. you have a bf or gf * yes

x. you have a crush on someone * hmmmm... no

x. you wish you could live somewhere else * yes, my own place

x. you think about suicide * now and then

x. you believe in online dating * no

x. others find you attractive * very few,though someone e-mailed m from moc and said I was cute

x. you want more piercings * not anymore but I used to

x. you want more tattoos * see above

x. you drink * soda and every once in awhile vodka

x. you do drugs * nicotine occasionally

x. you like cleaning * I like rearranging

x. you like roller coasters * NO

x. you write in cursive or print * print

x. you carry a donor card * my driver's license

for or against

x. long distance relationships * depends on the people I guess

x. using someone * against but I'm probably guilty of it

x. suicide * against

x. killing people * against

x. teenage smoking * their choice

x. doing drugs * see above

x. premarital sex * up to the person but I don't think I will

x. driving drunk * against

x. gay/lesbian relationships * hetersexual relationships...people are people

x. soap operas * not anymore, maybe when I was 14


x. food * chocolate covered cherry shake from BK

x. song * way too hard

x. thing to do * be with frank

x. thing to talk about * the future

x. sports * not a one

x. drinks * vanilla coke,vodka,coffee

x. clothes * jeans,my brown kinda lacy shirt from the dav,vans,long brown sweater

x. movies *donnie darko,adventures of sebastian cole,ghost world,brain candy

x. bands * belle and sebastian,violent femmes,bonnie prince billy,nin,bright eyes......

x. holiday * christmas

x. cars * as long as it drives ok it works for me

have you...

x. ever cried over a girl/boy * too many times

x. ever lied to someone * Yes

x. ever been in a fist fight * never

x. ever been arrested * no


x. shampoo do you use * suave

x. perfume do you use * clinique happy,christian dior hypnotic poison

x. shoes do you wear * vans,adidas

x. are you scared of * losing loved ones,tall people


x. of times you've had my heart broken? * a few but it has been mended

x. of hearts you've have broken? * none that I know of

x. of continents you've lived in? * 1

x. of drugs taken illegally? * 2

x. of people you would classify as true, could trust with my life type friends? * 2 frank, keith

x. of people from high school that you stayed in contact with? * a few but I don't know for how much longer i'll be in contact with them

x. of cd's that you own? * never really counted, but not too many I've probably sold more than I have left

x. of times your name has appeared in the newspaper? * once maybe twice?

x. of scars on your body? * alot on my legs, a few on my arms/hands that were self inflicted, one on the back of my leg where I cut myself to the bone shaving and one on my eyebrow(part of it is missing and I'll doubt ever grow back) where Mae's dog bit me

x. of things in you past that you regret? * far too many

regrets - hopes

the past

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