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he's all I ever knew of love

2002-02-24 - 3:39 p.m.


He took his time, if you want to call that time. He says he loves me. He says that he wants to get back together.Hmmmm... Well this time I'm not going to go running right back to him. I know that is what everyone expects. I am pretty sure that is what frank expects. If I get back with him will it only end in heartbreak again? I love him. I know he knows that. But I honestly don't know. I thought that I couldn't live without him, literally. I was so dependent on him. But this short short time apart I realized however much it may hurt I can. I am capable of being independent. So for now it is my turn to think. And if we do get back together it will be my decision and when I feel like it.

I am a woman hear me roar. lol.

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