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2001-04-28 - 2:58 p.m.

Ok last night was fun. I went to subway w/ Brianna before we headed to the dance. MMM MMM good. Anyway... chaperoning was pretty cool. Some of those kids were punks though. Afterwards we went to the Perk and just chilled. It was fun. I spent the night at Brianna's. I just feel really weird around her parents like they totally dislike me or something. Maybe I'm just paranoid though?

Hillary picked me up from school yesterday. We went to her house and she cut my hair. It looks ok, i guess. It is just different. I have these short little bangs now.kinda emo. Everyone I saw said they looked good but... I'm kinda nervous about going to school on Monday. Well Fuck who cares what anyone thinks anyway, right?

Today I had another appointment w/ my pschologist. I had to take an MMPI test, which was like 500 question long. He said based on the results I have both clinical depression and clinical anxiety. Wow, how exciting!(i'm being sarcastic for those of you who can't tell)He is going to reccomend to my doctor that along with prozac they put me on some sort of tranquilizer. That is semi-scary. He said it seemed like i'm repressing something subconciously that is causing this. I don't know. He said to record all my dreams b/c that could tell us something. I rarely remember my dreams so that probably won't help too much.

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