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2001-04-15 - 8:10 p.m.

This weekend was actually is not great pretty ok. I actually laughed once or twice and felt it inside, deep inside. That is wonderful.

Saturday i worked. That of course sucked. I was like three minutes late and Angie totally bitched me out. AHH i so don't like her! Anyway it was so busy all day, i didn't even get a break. After work i went to see Bridget Jones's Diary w/ Brianna. It was so funny. She was so real. Afterwards we went to Barnes and Noble. I had a capiccino... it was heaven. I was a little afraid the caffiene would make me sick but it didn't so... Then we went to Denny's w/ Mae. All in all it was a pretty good night.

Today, well, i experienced a moment of true happiness. It filled me. It ran up and down my spine for just a moment but, wow. I had forgotten what it felt like. Now that it is gone i am doubly sad but at least i know it is there, somewhere. Maybe I'll experience it again. Maybe?

Anyway... I worked today. This guy came through my line and he was so nice. We talked for a little while. He came back about twenty minutes later and asked if i wanted to do something sometimes and i was like sure. So he left and came back again about 10 minutes later. He was like "How old are you?" and i told him 16. i think that kinda discouraged him b/c he is 20 and well that's 4 years. But the fact that someone asked me out! My self confidence shot up for like an hour. It was great!

Tomorrow is school. I will try to pretend for the most part, hell maybe i won't have to.

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