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going to work

2001-04-14 - 11:41 a.m.

i am about to go to work, what fun! I really want to stay home but... you don't always get what you want i guess. Brianna just called a little while ago. We are going to a movie tonight. It should be fun. Hopefully my mom will let me.

Lately i've been having trouble breathing and since i took those pills this sick feeling hasn't gone away. I feel like i am going to vomit 24-7. Shit, i wonder what that one pill was?

I kinda hoped that this new psych would work out. I had imagined i'd meet him and we would just click or something? I was hoping it'd be someone i could really feel comfortable around and talk to openly. Fuck that. I like Connie better even if she did just talk about herself.Anyway...

Time to go to work.

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