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prom sucked

2001-04-08 - 8:48 p.m.

Well on Saturday I went to prom. What a fucking waste of time! I went out to eat w/ some friends. That was ok, i guess. Prom itself was... well i danced(alone most of the time), and i feigned happiness for the benefit of Karl(my ex) who went w/ my friend Ashley. I was kind of upset, not b/c she went w/ him b/c i'm am soo over him but the fact that she didn't tell me, i thought we were better friends than that.

We went to after-prom. Woo Hoo! I sat alone staring at the wall for an hour or so. After a while this guy, Warren, asked me to come sit w/ him. I really didn't know him that well, just from my creative writing class last year. We talked for a hour or so. He is so nice. Then he like was kissing my neck and i'll have to admit i wasn't totally averse to it. Anyway my friends i were w/ sort of ditched me so he gave me a ride home. Talking to him was the best part of the night. He called today and we talked for like an hour. We supposed to go out sometime soon. It should be fun.

Today Keith and I walked all over town. We had a super rad time. First we went to Wal-Mart and bought this ghetto 97cent dog that like bobs his head up and down. It is hella cool! Then we walked around town for like 4 hours taking pictures of it in different places like next to a beer can on the side of the road, in a display of canned beans at Dillions, in a drainage tunnel w/ all this graffitti on it and in a whole bunch of other places. Hopefully the picture will turn out! I got sunburned really bad though. It looks funny b/c normally i'm am so pale you can like see the veins beneath my skin.

Anyway... I stopped by the library to talk to Brianna. She gets ungrounded Tuesday. Hopefully we can do something this weekend. When I told her about Warren she was like Warren? I don't know if she thinks i'm weird now or what? Anyway I survived prom, well i'm still alive anyway. (whether that is good or bad i don't know?)

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