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braces off

2001-04-03 - 9:05 p.m.

I got my braces off today!! I am really happy about that. It feels like i've had them on forever. Now that they are gone my teeth look funny. Sure they are straight but... I don't know maybe i'm just not used to them.

Prom is on Saturday. I'm going alone, of course. I don't mind, well i do actually. I mind alot. I wouldn't go but I bought my dress months ago and spent alot of money on that. Plus I took off work. It'll be better than sitting at home with my parents I guess.

For months and months I had planned to kill myself prom night. It will be weird to live through it and I do think I will???? Ummmm... I went to the mall today and bought evening gloves. They go up to my elbow and are black. They are pretty kick ass!! They'll cover up my horribly scarred arms so...

Well I guess I'll pop a prozac and go to bed now.

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